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Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape

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Super Strong Waterproof Tape Butyl Seal Rubber Aluminum Foil Tape Household Waterproof Repair Stickers 

Butyl Seal Tape, Roof Repair Tape Rubber Seal Tape Covered with Aluminium Foil.

● Waterproof, sealed and chemically resistant, UV resistant (sunshine).

Very easy to use, just peel off the released film and then apply this butyl sealant tape
to anywhere needed.

●It has weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance, and has a sealing,
vibration damping and protection effect on the surface.

● It can maintain flexibility, adhesion, can withstand a certain degree of displacement, and deformation has good followability.

 It is made of nanometer composite technology, It has good waterproof performance, convenient construction and fast leakage. The main component is plant rubber.

Specification :

Length: 5M
Width: 5cm
Thickness: 0.8/0.9/1/1.5mm(Optional)
Material: Aluminum Foil, Butyl Rubber
DIY Supplies: Paint & Decorating
Application: This sealant tape is widely used in roofing of the building, surface crack, RV repair, window, boat Sealing, glass and roof patching

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