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Powerful sink & drain cleaner

Powerful sink & drain cleaner

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Tired of clogged sinks and drains?

Try this powerful sink & drain cleaner to kill the stubborn stains, odors, and messes in a matter of seconds! The high-density foam composed of essence and decomposition enzyme works to freshen up any odor and unblock any clogged drain.

It is easy to use with only a simple pour of the powder. It deodorizes the drain with a fresh scent while killing 99% of bacteria while flushing down to clear any blockages. It's not only applicable for toilets, but also the powerful sink & drain cleaner to clean kitchen pipes, washroom sinks, and balcony water drainages.


Effective dissolution: The high-density foam removes stubborn rusts, dirt, stains, hairs, soap scums, etc.
Multi-use: It's suitable for cleaning kitchen pipes, toilets, washroom sinks, balcony water drainages, and more!
Easy operation: Just pour the powder for instant effects without needing a toilet brush.
Corrosion-free: It's safe without any damage to your sinks, toilets, and drains.
Deodorizes with a fresh scent while disinfectant 99.9% of bacteria.

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