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Silicone Bath Body Brush.

Silicone Bath Body Brush.

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looking For a Way To Clean Those Hard To Reach Areas ? 

Are you ready to transform your daily shower into a rejuvenating spa-like experience ?

Get Yourself The Best Solution to Clean and Scrub Easily ! 

with our Silicone Bath Body Brush 😍

Use this silicone towel to clean and scrub, clean pores, remove dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin, make your skin smoother, and greatly reduce the survival of bacteria!

Improves Skin Texture. Made of food-grade silicone, healthy and environmentally friendly, free of BPA and no harmful substances. High-temperature resistance, safe and durable.
Comfortable to Use. Handle, good toughness, strong tensile strength, can be suspended, saving space. Can be use for hand face feet body clean. Aids in healthy circulation, frequent use.
Double-Sided Usability. Customized body exfoliation in one simple shower accessory. Silicone bristles on one side, soft and comfortable massage the back to exfoliating, will not damage the skin. The other side is an elliptical structure massage every inch of your skin.
Gentle Exfoliation. Extends 1 cm dense brush head, penetrates into pores to clean dirt, and freshens. Silicone Bath Scrubber not too coarse to irritate sensitive skin.

Specifications : 

Q: What other uses does a silicone bath towel have?
A: Apart from drying the body, silicone bath towels have versatile uses. They can be used as a mat or grip in the shower or bathtub to prevent slipping. Silicone bath towels are also useful for outdoor activities like swimming or camping, as they can be easily packed, dried quickly, and are resistant to odor and mildew.
Q: Are silicone bath towels safe to use?
A: Yes, silicone bath towels are generally safe to use. Silicone is a non-toxic material that is widely used in various consumer products. It is hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

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