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Rat Repellent Pills [One pellet lasts for one year]

Rat Repellent Pills [One pellet lasts for one year]

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Don't Let Rats And Mice Take Over Your Home. 
Get Rid Of Them Today With Our Rat Repellent Pills.
Our Rat Repellent Pellets,small Size, Big Energy Quickly Exterminate Pests And Rodents.
Made Of Pure Plant Ingredients, The Scent Is Harmless To The Body.


  • Solve the problems of pests and mice. Repel common rodents such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, etc.
  • Easy to use, just place it where you need it
  • It is recommended to place 1-2 bags for general rodent infestations and 3-5 bags for heavy rodent infestations
  • The main raw material of this product is plant extract with strong odor and no side effects. It emits an ephemeral odor that makes rodents uncomfortable, causing them to flee the environment and serving the purpose of repelling.
  • 24 hours Continuous rat extermination, Repel mice all day, one can be used for 60 days
  • Wide applications: Mouse Repellent Pellets Easily handle various scenarios
  • Not only the living room, kitchen, factory, and car, Can also be used in crowded and permanent areas

Product Information

  • Name: Pest Repellent Pellets
  • Quantity: 5 pieces pack
  • Shelf Life: 3 years unopened
  • Product Information
      Ingredients: Dichlorobenzene, Menthol, Camphor, Lemon Quartz Sand
    • Applicable Scope: Can be placed in housing, drawers kitchens, balconies, offices, etc.
    • Instructions: Remove the repellent pellet and place it at the desired location for repelling.

    We look forward to impressing you with our product quality and beauty. Thank You so much for choosing!

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