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MiniCooker: Multi-function

MiniCooker: Multi-function

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 Are you Dining solo? 

Allow our compact culinary wizard to effortlessly manage your daily trio of meals. Though petite, it's mighty enough to meet all your gastronomic desires. Whether you're swamped with tasks or simply craving comfort food, this rice cooker ensures you have delectably tender rice at your fingertips. From soups and porridges to rice and stews, this little marvel has got you covered. Satisfy your cravings with ease, all in one compact package.


  • Hot Pot
  • Soup
  • Rice cooking
  • Noodle cooking

This versatile culinary gem is not just a cooker; it's also a wok, a pressure cooker, and a steamer, making it the ultimate kitchen companion. Whether you're in the mood for sizzling steaks, fluffy eggs, aromatic fried rice, slurp-worthy noodles, heartwarming oatmeal, or soul-soothing soups, it's got you covered. Ideal for whipping up petite feasts or reheating yesterday's delicacies, this all-in-one

Quick and Safe Meal Preparation

Experience the magic of 360° three-dimensional heating, enveloping your food in a cocoon of intense, even warmth. This rapid heating technology ensures that every grain of rice is uniformly cooked, tender, and bursting with aroma, all while eliminating the risk of sticking or scorching. Relish the delight of impeccably cooked, aromatic grains.

Non-stick pan, easy to clean

The non-stick coating won't cause mush or sticking, which is very friendly to novice cooks. You can easily and quickly clean the cooker after use.

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