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Are you tired of bulky, heavy cleaning devices that make tidying up a chore? 

This Compact And Portable Powerhouse Is Here To Transform Your Cleaning Experience, Making It Faster, Easier, And More Efficient Than Ever Before.
Easily Wash Your Clothes Anytime & Anywhere!

Why Choose Our MiniCleaner ?

  • Ultrasonic high frequency for high sterilization rate removes dirt effectively. Turbine interacts with ultrasonic, clean clothes efficiently and quickly.

  • Eco-friendly ABS, non-toxic, firm, and wear-resistant.

  • Water-saving and energy-saving, suitable for 1kg (water) personal laundry.

  • Lightweight and portable can be placed in pockets or tote bags to carry away.


What can I use a Mini Cleaner for?

A: Mini washing machines are suitable for washing small loads of laundry, such as underwear, socks, baby clothes Dishes …

Q: What are the advantages of a mini washing machine?

A: The advantages of a mini washing machine include its compact size, portability, and convenience. It can be easily moved around, doesn’t require a dedicated laundry room, and can fit in small spaces. It is also energy-efficient and uses less water compared to regular washing machines.

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