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LCD Writing RED Tablet

LCD Writing RED Tablet

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Do you want your child to learn effectively without messing up the walls and house?

Say goodbye to traditional notepads and hello to the future of digital writing.

No Mess at Home!

●Your home will thank you, as there will be no more unwanted drawings on walls, floors, doors, and furniture! 🤩

Portable and durable: Putting the drawing board in your backpack when you go to work or school doesn't take up space and doesn't make the backpack heavier.
Friendly material:  The writing board is made from friendly material, and safe for home, office, school, restaurant, and car use.
Lock function: The writing tablet is built with the erase button lock function. No more worry about losing content while you are writing or drawing. (After locking the erase button, you can still write on the message board.)

● Suitable for many occasions: 8.5 inch drawing tablets are suitable for kids, teens, and adults, and can be used for children’s graffiti, student drafts, office notes, home messages and etc. drawing boards are great for back-to-school.

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Q: What are the advantages of using an LCD Writing RED Tablet?
A: LCD Writing RED Tablets offer several advantages. They are lightweight, portable, and do not require any additional supplies like paper or ink. They provide a natural writing experience, and the red-colored screen is easy on the eyes. They are also eco-friendly as they reduce paper waste.
Q: Can children use an LCD Writing RED Tablet?
A: Yes, LCD Writing RED Tablets are suitable for children to use. They are easy to operate and provide a fun way for children to practice writing, drawing, or playing educational games. The tablets are durable and designed to withstand rough handling, making them ideal for young users.
Color: Red
Frame material: ABS
Age Range:> 3 Years Old
Gender: Unisex
Package Includes:
Lcd Writing Tablet *1
Stylus With Rubber Eraser 

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