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ORIGINAL™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Spray

ORIGINAL™ Herbal Hemorrhoids Spray

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Goodbye to Surgery & Hemorrhoids Pain!

Our Natural Herbal Hemorrhoids Spray Is An All-natural And No Hand Contact Spray That Promotes Near-immediate Relief From Damaged Tissues; Relieves Burning, Itching, Swelling And External Hemorrhoid Discomfort. ZSQSM Natural Herbal Hemorrhoids Spray Natural Hemorrhoid  Supplement for Anal Care for Internal & External Treatment Free of  Stimulation : Health & Household

How To Use :
Step 1: Gently Clean The Affected Area With Mild Soap And Warm Water.
Step 2: Shake The Bottle Well Prior To Application, Make Sure To Shake The Spray Bottle Well To Ensure That The Ingredients Are Thoroughly Mixed.
Step 3: Apply The Spray. Hold The Spray Bottle About 4-6 Inches Away From The Affected Area. Press Down On The Nozzle To Spray A Fine Mist, Covering The Entire Area. If The Hemorrhoid Is Located Internally, Gently Spread Apart The Buttocks And Spray The Internal Area.
Step 4: Allow The Spray To Dry Wait For A Few Minutes To Allow The Spray To Dry And Be Absorbed By The Skin. Avoid Touching Or Wiping The Area During This Time.
Step 5: Clean Your Hands After Using The Spray, Wash Your Hands Thoroughly With Soap And Water To Prevent The Spread Of Bacteria.
Step 6: Repeat As Necessary Use 3-4 Times Daily.

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