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Electric Popcorn Maker Machine No oil needed

Electric Popcorn Maker Machine No oil needed

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Add a measuring cap of popcorn kernels to the high capacity heating chamber, then press the one Touch start button, get hot and delicious popcorn in 2 minutes, It’s so easy, even kids can operate safely, increasing kids hands-on ability.

No oil needed by the hot air design, making popcorn without any saturated fat. The unique popping chamber design creates swirling airflow, heating and popping every kernel evenly and quickly, making the popping rate up to 98%, enjoy delicious low-fat food immediately.

The measuring cap is included to ensure the proper amount of kernels, it also can be used as a butter melting tray on the top of the machine, add a tablespoon of butter while your popcorn is finished, or customize your popcorn just the way you want.

Non-stick coating popping chamber could be wiped easily by a dishcloth. the compact unit makes it easy to store, sleek design, and trendy color options will accent any space, perfect for apartments, dorms.

It is suitable for hosting parties, small family gatherings, or birthday parties. It is also the best choice as a gift to friends. You can enjoy a good time making popcorn with your family and friends.

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