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Dent Repair Puller

Dent Repair Puller

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Repair your car dent in a second without harming the painted surfaces!

No need to spend hundreds of shillings to look for an expert hand of an outside professional just for a simple dent repair when you have the right tool to perform the repairs yourself!

- Convenient dent repair: Designed to pull out the dent in the vehicle's body using a combination of suction and force.
- Powerful suction cup lock function: When the suction cup is locked in place, it can lift to 35 kg of weight.


- Easy operation: The handy suction cup lifter features a single stroke pump action for convenience. Anyone can be able to remove dents after taking a little time to learn the dent repair process.
- Wide application: Great dent puller as well as the ideal tool for moving flat objects in any home garage or professional body shop!

    - Durable and impact-resistant: Made with durable handles and an impact-resistant housing to withstand work site abuse. Ideal for home, shop, garage, or workplace.

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